IMO Beta – Free Calls and Text (Best Messaging App 2020)

IMO Beta Apk Downlaod

Before going in the whole description, I would like to provide you with the download link of the IMO Beta Apk. I am giving you the download link of IMO beta from the Play Store and also a direct download link.

So, let’s start our discussion today. So,

Why Imo Beta?

why should you use IMO Beta

Well, first of all, IMO beta is faster. You can send a text or call in 2G, 3G or 4G flawlessly. No lag will appear if you have a slow internet connection. So, you can talk to anyone without any problem. But, on account of a very poor internet connection, you will face different connection related problems.

The IMO beta app is less stable than the IMO main app. So, if you have any problems while using it, you should know that it happens for the connection problems or because it is kind of unstable.

IMO Beta Features

Features Of imo beta

With the beta version of IMO, you can send unlimited texts and make free video and audio calls with any internet connection. You will be able to make high-quality video and voice calls. There is a low chance that your video and voice call quality will drop. You can group chat with anyone like your friends, roommates or family and share photos with them.

You also can express your emotions with the hundreds of free emojis that is available there. And, for your privacy, you can run private encrypted chats and calls. It is available for android tablets too. And, the greater news that the calls or messages will not charge balance from your SIM card.

It only requires data charges.

Learn To Use IMO Beta

learn how to use imo beta

Firstly, download the IMO app from the play store or the app store or download it from the top.

Now, let’s learn to use IMO step by step.

Account Creation

  • After the app is installed, open the app and accept all permissions.
  • Then add your phone number to the phone number box.
  • Then an OTP will arrive in by SMS. Sometimes, IMO automatically puts the OTP in the box. If it does not do that, type the OTP in the box manually.
  • Then you will be asked to give your profile name. Add your name at that box.
  • There you go. Your account has been created.

At first, it will show you all the accounts that are created by a phone number that is saved in your contacts. You can find someone from there or type in their name in the search bar at the top.

Message Someone

To message someone through IMO, his/her number must be saved on the contact list of your phone and he/she must have an IMO account. If he/she does have an IMO account,

  • Find that person from the contacts or type in their name in the search box to find that person.
  • Click on their name.
  • Click on the box called “Type A Message.”
  • Type the message that you want to send.
  • Click on the arrow to send that message.

Bonus feature: When the person that is texting you types something, you can see that message being written in real-time. And, it is available with encryption. So, any kind of bad text will be blocked in that real-time view.

Call Someone On IMO Beta

You can call a person two ways. One is voice calling and the other one is video calling. So, let’s teach you how to call someone on IMO.

Voice Calling

To call someone through voice on IMO,

  • Find that person and click on his/her name.
  • Then you will see two buttons on the top-right side.
  • Click on the telephone button to call someone through voice.

Video Calling

To video call someone on IMO,

  • Find that person and click on his/her name.
  • Click on the camera button on the top-right side of the screen.
  • And the Video Calling will start automatically.

Share Photos and Videos

Share Photos and Videos In imo beta
Share Photos and Videos In imo beta

To share photos or videos,

  • Click on the pin button on the right side of the type a message box.
  • Click on the type of file (e.g. Photos, Videos) that you want to share.
  • Select the image(s)/video(s) that you want to share.
  • Click on send and they will be sent automatically.

Send an Emoji

share an emoji in imo beta

To send and Emoji,

  • Tap on the Emoji Button On the right side of the type a message box.
  • Chose that emoji that you want to send.
  • Right after you click on that emoji or sticker, it will be sent automatically.

You will get hundreds of emojis available there. So, you can express any expression.

Create a Group

To create a group,

  • Click on contacts.
  • Then, Click on Create a Group
  • Click on the type of group that you want.
  • Search those persons that you want to and click on their names.
  • Click on next.
  • There you go. Your group is created.

So, what are you waiting for?? Huh?? Download it now from the link up top or from here.

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